1. Jeniferclark

    How Much Does it Cost To Build Restaurant Mobile App?

    I'm looking to build a mobile app for my restaurant, I'm wondering how much it would cost to develop an app with the following features: Menu Order tracking Push notifications Loyalty program Online payments Geolocation Customer reviews Can anyone give me an estimate of the cost? I'm a small...
  2. J

    Dedicated server Gaming App

    Hello, We have to install gaming app on the server so which server( HDD Server SSD server, cloud server) will give good performance for gaming app ?
  3. RyalJam

    App Based Website through CMS

    I just want to know which is the best CMS nowadays for a creating website with some App ?
  4. djsmiley2k

    Responsive design vs Dedicated App

    My website has already a responsive design but some people suggested that I should have an app for mobile users. Is that true? What is the difference between responsive design and dedicated app? do they have any benefits or advantages?