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Premium Hosting / Business Hosting by HostLease Media Group NL 1.4

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Why Choosing Us?
We offer clients the ultimate hosting solution, whether you are a private individual or business. No problem, with us you can order a hosting package at peace and if you are not satisfied you just get your money back, that is not that difficult, some do not and with us it is with request that you do it within 2 a 3 days your money back on your account.
Trippled Bandwidth on 3G+ and 3G+ Pro
Unlimited Domains, Subdomains, Email Accounts, MySQL Databases, FTP Accounts
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Contractless with a full 14-day Money Back Guarantee
Own nameservers (Contact HostLease Support for this)
Malware Removal (once on the main Domain)
Weekly Backups on the service! You able to download these from the cPanel server.
24/7/365 Availability for you - Fully Managed
Premium Softaculous apps installer
Alpha Master Plugin: The Wonderful WHMAMP
Server Location in France, Roubaix
DDoS Protection - Your Reseller Accont and your Clients will be DDoS safe!
Latest cPanel Control Panel
Overselling Enabled
Every Reseller/Master/Alpha can create Unlimited cPanel accounts.
Ioncube/ZendGuard extensions
Google PageSpeed Enabled
CPU cores: 8 intel xeon E5
CPU allowance: 1 core at 100% without to abuse it.
Server system: CloudLinux 7.5 (linux)
DMCA ignore: Yes but EU Law apply.
Uptime Guarantee 99,99% SLA (Currently 100%)
SSD drive: 5x Kingston in RAID10 (can be extended).
HostLease Media Group NL (General)

HLMGNL (in full HostLease Media Group NL.) Is a provider of Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting services and offers consumers qualitative and reliable Hosting service. For business customers, HLMGNL provides complete Hosting Business and 24x7 solutions. HLMGNL offers worldwide wholesale network services to other operators.


Since 2018 HLMGNL is no longer only active on the Dutch hosting market. In France and America, HLMGNL owns 2 Dedicated servers and is the market leader in the field of Partnerships (HLMGNL-SUB, with the brands HLMGNL, LNB-Hosting and PiratesHosting). HLMGNL was a subsidiary of LNBSHG (former LNB-Systems Hosting Group) on the hosting market of Hosting Leasing. At the end of June 2018, HostLease is now a network administrator of 2 Servers and the company has been renamed to HostLease Media Group NL and LNB-Systems Hosting Group disappeared from the Hosting World.
Payment Methods
PayPal, Creditcard, iDeal (All banks) Debitcards, American Express
Available Locations
France, Roubaix, USA, Los Angeles
Billing and Guarantee
Each payment that been made are covered by our Media Group NL rules of 14 days within. After 14 days (2 Weeks) is this not longer possible.
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