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Cheapest Ultra-Fast SSD VPS Hosting with Plesk $13.99 2018-05-31

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Why Choosing Us?
Perfect Match! Exabytes SSD VPS and Plesk Onyx 17.8
  • Nginx Caching, PHP pages can be served as quickly as static pages
  • WordPress Smart Updates, analyzed by a Machine Learning-Based AI
  • SEO Toolkit, Design and execute your SEO strategy

  • 2 GB memory
  • 2 vCPU
  • 40 GB SSD storage
  • 2TB monthly data transfer
  • 1 GB bandwidth
  • Include Lite Management plan
  • Automatically secured with SSL/TLS
  • Plesk Web Admin Edition (10 Domains)
  • WordPress Toolkit 3.0
  • Developer Extensions
Otherwise, SSD VPS Hosting with Plesk provide more productivity extensions (developer tools) .

Deploy and manage Docker containers straight from the Plesk interface, and install Docker containers locally or to a remote node registered in Plesk.

WordPress Toolkit
The only WordPress management and security tool you’ll need to mass-manage and secure your WordPress instances, plugins and themes.

Add Node.js applications with just a few clicks, and start/stop/restart those apps, run scripts and edit configuration tables right from the Plesk control panel.

Let’s Encrypt
Plug and Play Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates with no setup or CLI commands required. Create and auto-renew certificates directly from the Plesk interface.
Ready-to-code Environment

Supports various programming languages
Supported programming languages include multiple versions of PHP development language, Perl, CGI-BIN, Java, Tomcat, Ruby, Python, .NET and more.

Docker on demand
Access Redis, MongoDB, Memcached and more. Deploy and manage new software products from Docker containers.

Build it and ship it
Create multiple branches in a single repository, and automatically deploy from your local Git repository or remote service like GitHub, Bitbucket, Travis.

Secure SSD VPS Control Panel

Secure on every layer
Security is configurable in different levels, such as Operating System, Network, Web Application and so on.

Pre-config security settings
Security settings to get you up and running with just one click.

Increase reliability and decrease vulnerability
Various authentication methods, such as anti-spam and anti-virus support, automatic updating tools, and vulnerability monitors are available.

Development Environment

Intelligent maintenance features
Plesk SSD VPS works on Auto-Repair, Automatic Database Repair, and Log Browser to keep your website and business running constantly.

Build in task scheduler
Schedule your SSD VPS running tasks or select time to perform Backup & Notifications to trigger specific tasks.

Exabytes SSD VPS network uptime
We guarantee 99.9% Network Uptime on our Plesk SSD VPS to ensure your VPS hosting is well taken care of.
Payment Methods
Online banking, Visa/Master Card, Paypal, Cash
Billing and Guarantee
Billing address :[532]=2458

Guarantee : 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Frequently Asked Questions
Will I get my Plesk SSD VPS root access?
Yes. You will have the root access, dedicated resources and total control of your SSD VPS server.

What types of Operating Systems do you offer?
We offer CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu. You may also request for special OS if the need arises.

What if I need a Windows SSD VPS that comes with Plesk?
Yes, we do offer Plesk Windows SSD VPS. Please contact us via Live Chat for more details, or email us at [email protected]

What type of storage is Plesk SSD VPS using?
We use Solid-State Drive (SSD) with the combination of RAID 10 configuration for all our SSD VPS.

Do I have access to my VPS console?
Yes. Solus VM Panel provides you with a built-in KVM console to access your VPS from a website browser. You can also reboot, shutdown, boot your VPS server from the client area.

What if I need help on my Plesk SSD VPS?
Our dedicated VPS support team is ready to serve you. Just drop us a ticket, and our technical team will attend to you as soon as they can. Moreover, you could also contact our technical team at

Can I transfer my VPS from my existing provider to Exabytes?
Sure, we are ready to serve you on this. You may either do it yourself or seeking our technical team for help Migration charges may depend on the complexities of your VPS hosting. Seek for our LiveChat for help.

How if I need higher resources for my Plesk SSD VPS in the future?
Sure. You may upgrade your VPS anytime. Just contact us via Live Chat or send an email to us at [email protected]

Is backup service provided for SSD VPS?
Free backup service is not provided. Please feel free to Addon Fully Managed Off-Server Backup (R1Soft) to your SSD VPS order configuration.
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  1. Cheapest Ultra-Fast SSD VPS Hosting with Plesk $13.99 only!! Limited time offer!!

    Cheapest Ultra-Fast SSD VPS Hosting with Plesk $13.99 only!! Limited time offer!!