5 benefits of SSL certificate for your website


What is SSL? Why need to use SSL? How does using SSL benefit me? That’s one of the questions that we’ve been asking a lot lately about when it comes to security. Today we will share with you about SSL and the 5 benefits that SSL gives you.

What is SSL?
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a secure method of using modern encryption for security while exchanging user’s private information on the Internet. When you conduct a transaction with a website on the Internet, you may need to provide sensitive information such as account numbers, credit card PINs, and so on. What are the hackers aiming for? When using SSL, this information will be encrypted, reducing the possibility of third-party hacking and identity theft.

The benefits of SSL

1. Encrypt information
The main purpose of an SSL certificate is to encrypt information so that it can only be read and understood by transactional parties. Information submitted on Internet forms often goes through many computers before reaching the final destination, and the more “stops”, the more opportunities there are for third parties to access. SSL inserts random characters into the original information, making no one understandable without proper encryption. Without encryption, information is useless.

2. Increase SEO rankings
Three years ago, Google vowed to consider HTTPS when ranking web pages. According to the survey, the website is secured by SSL is usually ranked higher.

3. Make sure the information is brought to the right place
Using encryption makes it easy for customers to interact with the web to be safe and reliable. Customers will be sure that they are sending and providing information to the right host, not to a fake third party trying to steal information. Sometimes your customers will be tricked into providing information to the main phishing sites, so you need to choose an SSL certificate from a reputable provider.

4. SSL Certificates meet PCI (Industrial Card Payment)
If you want to safely process credit card payments with proper encryption, SSL certificates will open up instant payouts and higher profitability, because it will insert an industry standard. 180-bit encrpytion. The bottom line here is: no SSL certificate means you will not be able to process credit cards.

5. Improve customer trust
All these factors work together to create trust between customers and businesses. Give your customers the security of all their information and show them how to verify that security improves confidence and helps ensure a positive buying experience.


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