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  1. FerdieQO

    How to give your WordPress posts an expiration date

    This WordPress tip becomes very useful when you are running a short-term promotion that does not want it to stay forever. Instead of manually removing posts, you can set the calendar to stop itself from appearing. You can apply this to an article on your site. You post it on your blog, but you...
  2. Maxoq

    Automatically Notify Your Members on New Wordpress Posts?

    I have a Wordpress with more than 500+ members, I posted some new Wordpress blog posts weekly, normally I will submit them to social networks to increase traffic for them but it is possible to notify my members when my WP blog has new posts?
  3. Marc0

    Search and replace string in 2000 wordpress posts ?

    I have a wordpress blog about 2000 posts and I want to change some texts on posts if I update content per post in wp-admin it's consume more my time to do so I want to search and auto replace texts in posts, anyone can help me do that? Thanks