1. Y

    What are the prerequisites for enrolling in the "Python Programming Online Course"?

    The course requires basic computer literacy and familiarity with fundamental programming concepts. Prior experience with any programming language is beneficial but not mandatory, as the course covers Python from the basics to advanced topics.
  2. David Beroff

    How to create a simple AI with PHP programming language?

    Hi everyone, I want to create a simple AI with PHP programming language to understand how AI works and how to develop it? can anyone shoot me a guide?
  3. H

    Contribute to a free source web project

    Hello there! I would like to participate in a web project to improve my front end programming skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Could you please tell me or guide me how can I contribute to a free web project? Thanks a lot!
  4. Lynks

    What programming languages are you skilled in?

    What programming languages are you skilled in most? Feel free to share. Mines are : C, Java, PHP, JavaScript, C++, Python, Shell, Ruby, Objective-C and C# etc.
  5. Sean101

    How much does it cost to learn programming fast and efficiently?

    What's the fastest and most efficient way to learn programming and how much does it cost? If I want to become a PHP & Mysql expert, does that cost more?
  6. JOED77

    Witch Web Programming Language could Act on Images

    I want to take a picture the user have just sent, make the code analyze it, and classify it according to a certain criteria. Could this be done?
  7. S

    Development site features, but do not understand programming.

    Hello everyone I built a Adult website myself, need to develop website features, but I do not understand programming. I thought of one ways. Employment at "" "". (May be rejected) Will you have a better way? THX.
  8. Paul Wellner Bou

    Do I have to know programming to host a website?

    I feel really shy asking this. But I want to host a eCommerce website using open source software such as PrestaShop or Magento I will use Linux for my hosting as its pricing is good and having more support on this OS Do I have to know programming? If so what language? Any resources to learn...
  9. DarnelWhite

    Learn JavaScript Programming Today With This Easy Step-By-Step Guide!

    DarnelWhite submitted a new resource: Learn JavaScript Programming Today With This Easy Step-By-Step Guide! - Learn JavaScript Programming Today With This Easy Step-By-Step Guide! Read more about this resource...
  10. Maxoq

    Which programming language is best for website building?

    As title mentioned, if I'm looking forward to become a web developer..which programming language should I learn and why? Anyone suggest me?
  11. aceofadsense

    What programming skills need to create a website?

    What are the requiring skills to create a website for online business? I have some knowledge about web design as html, css, javascript but I need extra information about web programming. Which ways or tools do I need to create a unique website with my customizations. Any suggestions?
  12. Anna

    What Are the Differences Between Coding, scripting and Programming?

    Does anybody can explain the difference between coding, programming and scripting? Or are they all interchangeable? Because it seems to me very blurry. Coding and programming I'm not sure there's a big difference, but I would be very grateful for detailed answer. Thank you!
  13. Liliana

    Why do some people like programming?

    Hi friends, I don't know why more people like programming, I feel headache on codes when I must change or finding errors happened my blogs. Of course, I know a little about wordpress codes to edits simple parts/templates on my blogs but no more. In your point of view, why do some people like...
  14. Marc0

    Monetize your programming knowledge?

    Hey guys, I'm currently studying web design at my classroom. I have knowledge about SEO and IM before and i think that If I join freelancer websites, I can have good money from my programming skills. Is it possible to earn $300 a month with 2 to 4 hours per a day ? Anyone has experience in...
  15. Marc0

    Which is best programming tool?

    Hi friends, I want to design a website completely and I'm using fontpage or notepad++ for programming my website. so can you please recommend me which is best programming tool and helpful developing resources for websites. Any comments would be appreciated! Thanks
  16. Marc0

    Programming language for android apps

    Good day everyone, With the popularity gained by the Android platform, more and more programmers, beginners and pros, are having a good interest in developing application for this platform. One of the first things to consider, perhaps, is the language to be used. The following are some of the...
  17. E

    Programming With C

    Hi pricey close friends, Here within this posts I'll show you programming along with C-language. C-language may be the basic terminology intended for layout the approval software's. This particular terminology is reasonably simple to comprehend since it possesses a lot of Language like phrases...
  18. Jovani

    which programming languages should I learn for web development?

    Hello, I'm going to learn other language beside my php language exist. so here someone can suggest me which programming languages should I learn for web development? or can I work well with my PHP programming at the moment ? Thanks