1. H

    PCI Compliance

    PCI compliance warning: ISC BIND 9 < 9.9.10-P2 / 9.9.10-S3 / 9.10.5-P2 / 9.10.5-S3 / 9.11.1-P2 Multiple Vulnerabilities... Any suggestions?
  2. Nixtree

    Best Practices to keep the server PCI compliant

    Hi Guys I wish to have a discussion about things we need to take care to make a entire server PCI compliant like all services Exim/Dovecot/Nginx/Apache etc . Mainly I wish to have a discussion on the Ciphers and what all strong ciphers we should use at the moment to have a server PCI...
  3. RDO Servers

    Secure email with TLS v1.2

    We have a customer that has a PCI compliant server cluster. We recently made a move to fully disable TLS v1 (Transport Layer Encryption, the successor to SSL) since it will no longer be considered PCI compliant as of June 2016. After doing so, we learned 2 interesting thing. A) Even though...