1. J

    Reseller with malware scanner

    Hello, Any idea who provide paid malware/virus scanner with reseller hosting as free? Thanks
  2. J

    Imunify malware scanner

    Hello, We were using scanner Imunify pro which is free from cpanel, it scans all file but did not clean, it asks to upgrade to imunify360 with paid license.... Do you have any experience about imunify360 ?
  3. john-mth

    Free malware scan software available to scan Wordpress site?

    Hello, Nowdays the wordpress sites are getting affected by malware, lot of infected files getting enter in wordpress site and some wordpress files getting auto edited with malware code. We tried to scan wordpress site with maldate software but its not getting fully scan... Is there any other...
  4. David Beroff

    What is the fastest way to remove malware or virus from your Wordpress site?

    Recently one of my WP site got infected by malware codes and it redirected to a strange domain name, I did more things to remove it from my site and although it was successful but it consumed pretty more my time. What is the fastest way to remove malware or virus from your Wordpress site...
  5. DiamondIM

    How to Monitor, Check, Remove, and Prevent Malware from Your WordPress Site?

    Recently my website is infected by malware and as I read some articles then it can be through an issues from a Wordpress plugin. I have to clean my Wordpress site but not sure it may be back or not. My quesion is, how to monitor, check, remove, and prevent malware from my WordPress Site?