linux server

  1. spinhigh

    Linux server vs a Windows

    What is the difference between web hosting on a Linux server versus a Windows server and what are the implications for the type of web applications or software that can be used on each?
  2. MooseLucifer

    Ports in Linux server?

    How to manage all ports in your Linux server? i.e open, close or list all ports existing on your server? is there a tool to manage ports with an user interface?
  3. Chris Worner

    Disable a Linux server from SSH?

    I didn't find an option to disable my linux server in my hosting control panel to test somethings, my linux server is just stopped when I don't renew service. I would like to know what is the best way to stop my Linux server from SSH?
  4. Edward

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  5. Edward

    i7,i9,E3,Ryzen and other dedicated servers. Best deals. Payment USD, BTC - ABCD.HOST

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  6. hostingmzd

    Dedicated Servers Starting from $20 Per Month with Hosting Mzd (No Setup or Additional Fee) 2018-11-25

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  7. Gmeister4

    How to check MySQL version through shell (SSH) on a Linux Server?

    My web developer is asking which MySQL version I am using on my vps server and I checked with this command but he said it is not for my version of server, I tried to run this command but it is error Any suggestions?
  8. TheCompWiz

    How to back up whole Linux server?

    Hi everyone, Can you tell me how to back up whole my Linux server? I mean I want to backup all files and databases on entire server and when I reinstall my server then I can restore that backup and I can use it immediately whiteout re-configure or installations?
  9. NickR

    OFFER Linux Server Management and Outsourced Web Hosting Support

    NickR submitted a new resource: Linux Server Management and Outsourced Web Hosting Support - Linux Server Management and Outsourced Web Hosting Support Read more about this resource...
  10. A

    Linux Server Management Service?

    Hi, I have a Linux server. And there is already an employee performing the daily management. However, there are one or two advanced management tasks every year, such as installing a specific software. Since the advanced tasks are so little, it is not cost-effective to hire another full-time...
  11. wpspeedster

    Changing the SSH Port for Your Linux Server?

    I just got a new VPS and want to change the SSH port for it to decrease brute force attacks. Can you guys share me ways to change this?
  12. JoeTaxpayer

    Is it necessary to upgrade Linux server from ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04?

    My team's hosting is using ubuntu 14.04 server and it is running well for our websites but we see that ubutnu 16.04 claims to be more stable and faster. And Ubuntu 16.04 ships with systemd which is killing our administrators, painful. Should we upgrade it now?
  13. MooseLucifer

    How to Secure your SSH on a Linux server

    All the way in this thread are edited in the file /etc/ssh/sshd_config, after fixed then restart SSH with the command: service sshd restart 1. Change SSH port Default SSH Server will use port 22 to receive the connection, and it is the port that the scanner is always targeted to a brute force...
  14. meetdilip

    How to secure your Linux Server

    Running a website is easy when your host does everything for you. In such cases, your only worry is to make your website / service profitable. But as you get into unmanaged servers, you will have to deal with the extra burden of setting up your hosting. This include installing various modules...
  15. BillEssley

    Linux server security?

    Hey there, How can I make my Linux box (cPanel/WHM installed on my VPS) more secure? Do you guys share any tips? Thanks, Bill