1. otepeezy

    How does the evolution of music affect the kids nowadays?

    It's clearly to say that music nowadays have changed dramatically. How can this music affects the kids? Music nowadays is all about money, sex and drugs. I'm a musician so I'm concern with this issue. Thoughts?
  2. RedTreeHill2

    Should kids be exposed to web hosting services at a young age?

    I was reminded of this topic because my younger sister is doing a project for school and she must use a Web hosting server like Weebly or Wix. I realized that a lot of information about IT that I know now came from my experiences as a secondary and primary school student. My high school was very...
  3. DaRecordon

    How to make a website for kids?

    Hello friends, I'm thinking about making a web to paint for kids, and I was wondering if anyone knows any script or any wordpress plugin that allow to create that. I searched on Google and found out many examples for this type of site but I could not clarify how to build it. Also, I want...
  4. RDO Servers

    Raspberry Pi ideas

    Has anyone tried out the Raspberry Pi? Their pretty neat little things that you can do a lot with. I really want to get a couple to play around with, but then again I don't really have the time for another hobby so I would be limited to fairly quick/easy projects with them. My 7 year old...