1. Gustav

    Does anyone here still use Hotmail?

    Does anyone here still use Hotmail these days? In my experience, it was the old e-mail provider and found that less people using it but I have heard that it has improved.
  2. Inquestor

    Microsoft's New Outlook VS Hotmail

    Well, I have been using hotmail since 2004. I have always liked hotmail, easy to use, know where everything is and how to operate it. I will never have a gmail account for personal reasons. Now that microsoft acquired in December 2012 they now are forcing change down users...
  3. Jovani

    Gmail vs Hotmail vs Yahoo Mail, Which is better ?

    I know you use more than one e-mail service but I don't know best email service that you are choosing for your works on internet to share or contacting with friends. According to you, which best e-mail service, Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail ?