1. Maxoq

    How to install scripts from for my website?

    I want to upload scripts from that I download and using for my website but I didn't see index files to run in zip package. I see their intallation guide but I don't understand. Can you shoot me a guide on how to install scripts from for my website? ?
  2. superman2727

    Github Education

    What can you say about this Github Education? Do you think this really helps the teachers and students to have access in the best tools they need? What can I expect with this Github? Is this free or paid with offers or something? I want to know what is the background of this because it talks...
  3. Fuzyon

    Github alternative

    I personally use GitHub every single day since it's the tool for git that everyone uses, but I've been wondering if there are other alternatives out there. I know about sites like Gitlab or BitBucket but are they really better than Github? Do they offer the same functionality?
  4. PenguinManiac

    Has anyone tried Github Pages?

    Good free hostings are an impossible dream to realize, but some companies provide similar acceptable services, and who could do it better than Github? Github has launched a little hosting service for static webpages and web applications, called Github Pages. It has quite a lot of limitations...
  5. David Beroff

    What is GitHub, and What is it used for?

    I read more about GitHub on forums but don't really know about this platform. What is it and What is it used for? When should I join