expiration date

  1. Kaz Wolfe

    How to Check cPanel Licence Expiration Date?

    I have a check for my IP on verify.cpanel.net but it didn't tell exactly when my WHM/cpanel will be expired. How can I check my cPanel license expiration date?
  2. FerdieQO

    How to give your WordPress posts an expiration date

    This WordPress tip becomes very useful when you are running a short-term promotion that does not want it to stay forever. Instead of manually removing posts, you can set the calendar to stop itself from appearing. You can apply this to an article on your site. You post it on your blog, but you...
  3. BillEssley

    Why my domain expiration date is not updated on whois domain name sites?

    I renewed my domain names for 2 years but when I checked my domain on a few whois domain name sites whois.net, whois.domaintools.com, godaddy.com/whois, whois.com/whois, name.com/whois-lookup,...etc the expiration date is updated on some sites while some are not and they are still keeping old...
  4. David Beroff

    How to check Let's Encrypt ssl certificate expiration date?

    I guess Let's Encrypt ssl certificate using for my site will be expired soon but I don't know exactly when it is expire, since I register ssl with Let's Encrypt, it noticed me for 3 months. Can you guys tell me how to check Let's Encrypt ssl certificate expiration date? any tools or commands to...