1. DaRecordon

    1 Euro equals how many US Dollars?

    Hi everyone, I'm wanting to buy a hosting plan from a provider in EU but they are offering me to pay 30 Euro/mo. Can anyone tell me 1 Euro equals how many US Dollars? Can I pay them with US dollars instead?
  2. Dr. McKay

    Shared hosting 12 dollars a year?

    I will be a bit surprising if I can know any web hosting companies are offering 12 dollars a year for a shared hosting package. It is such a cheap price and I don't know if they can provide quality services and good support?
  3. McCauley

    How can I make 5 dollars per day from affiliate marketing?

    I am still a newbie on affiliate marketing. I am trying to promote products of Clickbank after months till now but I'm failing in campaigns. Maybe I went go wrong way, can you share any successful methods in affiliate marketing that even get $5 a day. It can be the beginning point for me.