1. BillEssley

    Coding is not difficult - Mark Zukerberg

    A short film on the need for teaching coding in schools. Listen to big techies like Mark Zukerberg, Bill Gates, and many giants, explain the importance of learning to code right from the beginning and how It can impact society as a whole. What do you guys think? Coding is not difficult or it...
  2. Mihai B.

    Template vs coding from scratch in 2018?

    5 years ago I tried to make a WP template from scratch but today I am tending to buying existed themes on theme marketplace because it saves my time and I can have published websites quickly. What about you? what do you prefer buying templates or coding from scratch in 2018?
  3. livsn85

    Best online school for coding?

    Hey guys i just want to get some information on what is the best school online for programming i know that there is so many amazing school out there but im still confused where will i apply and study so that my time will not get wasted in nothing i want to learn coding to start something new or...
  4. Steve32

    Hardest parts of coding?

    What's the hardest part of coding in your opinion and why? Finding errors, missing codes or somethings else?
  5. Marc0

    What is the most easiest coding language to learn?

    I think HTML is the most easiest programming language to learn. You should start off with the basics and will know how to build a simple web page after surveying their codes for a while. what do you guys think?
  6. B

    Custom Coding For Classipress...

    Hi All, I have a project that requires some coding skills. I can offer a payment if required, please let me know. The website I am working on uses classipress ( there will be a category which contains x-rated content. I want to exclude all the x-rated content (ads) from the...
  7. Anna

    What Are the Differences Between Coding, scripting and Programming?

    Does anybody can explain the difference between coding, programming and scripting? Or are they all interchangeable? Because it seems to me very blurry. Coding and programming I'm not sure there's a big difference, but I would be very grateful for detailed answer. Thank you!
  8. lisa

    What exactly not to do while coding in Java

    Hello guys, All of us usually learn about the very best things you can do whenever you do programming in Java, but frequently, people understand through their own errors. Precisely I want to ask what are the major points that should be kept in mind to avoid errors?
  9. J

    Xml coding with css file?

    i'm unable to get the color in browser with xml file (css file) please advise. code for xml is <?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?> <?xml-stylesheet type="text/css " href = "shachi.css"?> <bookdetails> <details> <asin>9924299897</asin> <name>2 states</name> <catalog>book</catalog>...
  10. A

    Android apps coding

    Looking forward to learning programming android apps. What is the best code Editor or SDK to use?
  11. Marc0

    Hand Coding vs. Using Software, Which is better ?

    Hi everyone, Why Web Designers should Code by Hand? and what cases we need to code by using software for finishing works quickly ? Anyone please show advantages between Hand coding and using Software ? Thanks
  12. E

    Programming With C

    Hi pricey close friends, Here within this posts I'll show you programming along with C-language. C-language may be the basic terminology intended for layout the approval software's. This particular terminology is reasonably simple to comprehend since it possesses a lot of Language like phrases...