1. eva2000

    LEMP Stack benchmarks: CentminMod vs EasyEngine vs Webinoly vs VestaCP vs OneInStack Nginx/OpenResty

    I ran some Nginx comparison benchmarks for various LEMP stack's and though I'd share the results :) If you want to just straight into Nginx HTTP/2 HTTPS high concurrency benchmark results you can find them here https://community.centminmod.com/posts/64258/ Otherwise Nginx HTTP/2 HTTPS...
  2. Dopani

    Which is better, a VPS with cPanel vs a VPS with ServerPilot vs a VPS with Centminmod?

    I have a small VPS 4GB of RAM and when installed cPanel seem it consumed around 2GB of RAM with features enabled. I heard that if I install a hosting panel as ServerPilot or Centminmod, it will more lighter and help speed up my VPS or websites faster. Is that true? If yes, which will be better...
  3. TheCompWiz

    What is Centminmod?

    I read on a hosting blog mentioned about Centminmod which supports best for Wordpress. What is it? how can install it on a VPS and using for Wordpress sites?