1. Support@MainVPS

    Is 'unlimited' or 'unmetered' bandwidth in hosting plans truly limitless?

    Have you ever opted for a hosting plan that advertised 'unlimited' or 'unmetered' bandwidth? I'm curious to know about your real-world experiences. Did you find these terms to be genuinely limitless, or were there unexpected limitations when your website experienced high traffic or increased...
  2. Dr. McKay

    Bandwidth 150mbs/4Mbps and Datatransfer unlimited?

    I am going to have a new cloud hosting with these specifications RAM 6GB, SSD 100 GB, CPU 6 vCore, Bandwidth 150mbs/4Mbps, Datatransfer unlimited. What do Bandwidth 150mbs/4Mbps and Datatransfer unlimited mean? are they okay to use?
  3. ITivan80

    Reliable Dedicated Server with SSD 2019-02-19

    Colocation America's core focus is to offer customers the best value for leasing a dedicated server to support their business. We have taken great lengths to competitively price our products and services to enable your business to succeed. When it comes to price, we beat the competition. To...