rank math

  1. techteacherdebashree

    It is impossible to change rank math plugin. what can I do?

    Due to 3 times url changing, when I click on the link , showing This page isn’t working. It is impossible to change rank math plugin,what can I do?
  2. techteacherdebashree

    Rank math SEO

    Is it nessary to write the headline, description, keywords in schema option of Rank math of every post of website?
  3. Maxoq

    Rank Math vs Yoast SEO: Which One Is Better for SEO?

    I used yoast SEO and now moved to paid version of rank math and I see that rank math has more better features than free Yoast SEO, even paid Yoast SEO. Did anyone used both paid versions of these plugins, can you give any opinions between Rank Math and Yoast SEO. Which one is better for SEO?