plesk obsidian

  1. David Beroff

    How to change the disk where the websites are stored on Plesk?

    I am using Plesk Obsidian and on my server it has a storage disk, I want to change the disk where websites date will be stored to it. At this time, plesk is using boot disk to store website data, now I want to store on storage disk by default, is it possible?
  2. Harry P

    Change IP address for website and mail server in Plesk Obsidian?

    Hey guys, I upgraded my Plesk Onyx to Plesk Plesk Obsidian, now I need to change IP address for websites and mail server in Plesk Obsidian from old IP server to a new IP address? How can I do that? I bought a new IP and already to add but facing difficult to do this. Anyone helps? Thanks in...
  3. cplicense

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