1. Chris Worner

    Change Ownership in Plesk via SSH?

    I am using this command to change ownership in plesk via ssh chown username:psacln /var/www/vhosts/example.com/httpdocs/folder/* But it only worked with files in the first level of the directory that I wanted to change ownership. other files and folders are still keeping "root" as owenership...
  2. Bryan McClure

    How to change file ownership in SSH?

    I have a zip file and i uploaded it to my vps server but strange thing is, after unzip it then I get all files and folders with no ownership. I had to run this command chown -R username.username /path/to/my/folder/ to make ownership for new files and folders just uploaded to my server...
  3. Maxoq

    How to change file ownership in SSH?

    I have a few files and seeing them having root as owner. I want to change its ownership to a specific user via SSH commands. I logged in as root on my terminal but now what can I do next to change file ownership?