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  1. Harry P

    If I host mobile website how do I use this sub domain?

    Hey Guys, I saw many sites using this domain as when viewing their site on mobile device. how can I do that? does it have any advantage and i should use same domain as for both desktop and mobile version? any advice?
  2. timpears

    What is upcoming trends for mobile website design?

    In your opinion what will be upcoming trends for mobile website design? as discussion in this forum. Please share your thoughts as many as possible :) what is the difference and which is better if comparing between the mobile sites vs mobile apps as upcoming trends and why ?
  3. bstewart30

    Learn How You Can Create A Free Mobile Website

    bstewart30 submitted a new resource: Learn How You Can Create A Free Mobile Website - Learn How You Can Create A Free Mobile Website Read more about this resource...
  4. Maxwell

    Mobile website vs Responsive website, which is better?

    I got confuse about 2 types of these themes, according to you, mobile website and responsive website, which is better? Plz share any ideas?
  5. Tommy

    10 Essential Tips for A Mobile Website

    This mobile reachable important, something I do not have to repeat .. Also we are busy working and surfing for more information about the possibilities for a mobile website, you end up in a jungle of opinions. Therefore I have a top 10 with essential tips made so quickly on the right track. 1...
  6. J

    Why Web Design is more Responsive

    In today's, mobile website is better than normal website. Because, mobile internet users increases than desktop internet users. Mobile devices is overtake desktop PCs as dominant global internet platform. And also have more benefits in uses, Mobile Websites. Saves Money Save Time...
  7. SEO

    Should I build a mobile website or a mobile app?

    Most businesses will want to build or optimize their websites for mobile rather than build an application. Think of the fundamental reasons your customers would visit your website, especially if they're on the go. Make sure that on a phone or tablet screen your site's navigation is easy to use...
  8. Marc0

    How to Design and Build a Mobile Website ?

    Hello, Anyone can share tips how to design and build a Mobile website ? Thanks