1. A

    HostBill Startup 2022 license - value 698 $ only for 500 $ - Sale allowed by Hostbill Support

    Hello guys, we would like to sell our HostBill Startup 2022 license with the official approval of HostBill. (if you are interested we will send you the screenshot of the support ticket) The license has update access till 2023-08-27. Afterwards update access costs 99 $ per year and includes all...
  2. Saahib

    Hostbill api to fetch all domain pricings

    HI, I like to show all TLDs and their pricing on outside one of the hostbill installation. But in their API ( I can't locate any such thing. Any idea how to do that ?
  3. Saahib

    How do I create direct link to hosting with annual package in hostbill

    Hi, I have hostbill where I want to offer annual and bi-annual discount and I have done that in product page. However, on main site (outside Hostbill) I want to add direct link to product so that when a person uses that link then in Hostbill annual billing is automatically selected. Currently...