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  1. Mujkanovic

    How to check a web hosting is a fast hosting?

    I want to start a new hosting but I need a fastest host which can give my websites load for 1 or 2 seconds (Wordpress site). I want to know How to check a web hosting is a fast hosting even when I have not bought it? Some hosting offers free trial but some are not. So is there a way to check...
  2. HostColor

    CLOUD-based SSD WEB HOSTING w/ Fault-Tolerant Storage - from $4.99/mo 2018-05-03

    Fault-Tolerant Storage Area Network (SAN): Your data is hosted on an enterprise class, fault-tolerant Storage Area Network (SAN), build with enterprise grade SATA and SDD storage. Our SANs have built-in protection that safeguards the information under any circumstances without performance...
  3. serviceprovider

    SpeedyKVM- 72 Hour Refund Guarantee

    SpeedyKVM No Nonsense, Just Speedy KVM Servers Enterprise hardware and network in Dallas, TX & Seattle, WA. Now with a 72 hour refund guarantee on ALL plans! (terms) Features Included: Instant Setup Hardware RAID /64 IPv6 Intel Xeon Processors ECC RAM SolusVM Control Panel Established 2008...
  4. HostColor

    HC - HIGH PERFORMANCE SSD Hosting - Fault-Tolerant Storage - from $4.99/mo

    If you need Cloud-based SSD Web Hosting for High Performance websites hosted on Fault-Tolerant Storage Area Network, you can choose our U.S. data center (based out of South Bend, IN, near Chicago). SSD BLOG HOSTING 10 000 MB SSD storage on Fault-Tolerant Storage Area Network* 1000 GB Monthly...
  5. T

    50% Off For Life on Purchase and Renewals, Cloud cPanel Hosting, Backups EVERY 6 hours, Apache/Nginx 2018-04-12

    Looking for an AMAZING deal on web hosting? Take 50% off of your purchase and renewals for LIFE with coupon: AWESOMEDEAL TUNEDCLOUD Shared Hosting Plans Our hosting is FAST, reliable and completely backed up every 6 hours for ultimate security of your data!