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ProResellerHost is focused on providing high-quality services, focusing primarily on Reseller and Master Reseller hosting packages as our name implies. We are confident in our services and thus offer a 60-day money back guarantee for our clients...
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Payment Methods
PayPal, Stripe
Billing and Guarantee
60-day Money Back Guarantee, No contracts, No hidden fees.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Reseller Hosting? Reseller Hosting is a service that enables a client to sell shared web hosting packages to your own customers.
What is Master Reseller Hosting? Master Reseller Hosting permits you to sell shared hosting AND Reseller hosting packages of your own.
How long before my account gets setup? Reseller accounts are setup after our payment gateway returns a successful invoice payment. Master Reseller accounts are approved on a per-order basis as there is more risk involved with Master Reseller Accounts.
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