Best and cheapest security solution for cPanel Servers || cPGuard version 1.82 is released

Best and cheapest security solution for cPanel Servers || cPGuard version 1.82 is released 3.19

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cPanel Version 3.19 [ 3 May-2020]
[+] Automatic suspend user whitelist
[*] Symbolic link report bug fix
[*] Updated health check script
[*] Updated scanner engine
[*] application log fix
[*] Detection category updates

DirectAdmin Version 3.19 [ 3 May-2020]
[*] Symbolic link report bug fix
[*] Updated health check script
[*] Updated scanner engine
[*] application log fix
[*] Fixed multiple process forking
[*] Detection category updates
cPGuard version 3.16 has been released for DirectAdmin with the revamped UI and more features

1. Advanced UI
2. CentOS/RHEL/CloudLinux 8 support
3. Advanced re-captcha integrated to WAF to block most of the login attacks
4. Updated WAF rules

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cPGuard is announcing version 3 for cPanel which contains complete revamp with brand new UI/UX and refined scanner engine. Few of the updated features includes

[*] Complete revamp of UI/UX
[*] Files multi-select options from logs
[*] Advanced log filtering
[*] Report generation and download
[*] Refined scanner engine
[*] Updated scanner rules
[*] Detailed logging
[*] More command line tools

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cPGuard version 1.89 is now available with updates and patches.

Version 1.89 [ 16 Sep-2018]
[+] Option to specify the time to block IPs in CSF for brute-force attacks
[+] Option to add additional RBLs by users
[+] Revamped RBLs list
[+] New Signature update system
[+] Pro-active cleanup of files reg wp-crypt attack and duplicator plugin vulnerability
[*] Fixed issues with JSON files in cPanel plugin [ Reported by Rack911 Labs ]
[*] Fixed installer to eliminate temporary files in /tmp [ Reported by Rack911 Labs ]
[*] Fixed symbolic link follow from user space to system files [ Reported by Rack911 Labs ]
[*] Improved ModSec rules for additional checks
[*] Enhanced scanner engine with additional checks
[*] Fixed repeated submission of same files for clean-up
cPGuard version 1.87 is now available with updates and patches.

Version 1.87 [ 23 Aug-2018]
[+] Improved WAF logs with additional information for each hit
[+] Direct file whitelist option from scanner log file details window
[+] Signature updates
[*] Fixed bug in the core to stop checking PHP selector symlinks. Additional symlink false positive bug fixes.
[*] Improved ModSec rule for brute-force check
We have released cPGuard version 1.86 with updates/patches.

Version 1.86 [ 14 Aug-2018]
[+] More bad IP collections from servers.
[+] Improved file viewer/editor with a back button
[+] Improved email templates with license warning
[+] Signature updates
[*] Amendments in UI texts and fixed issues with license checking
What is new in version 1.85?

1. Real-time protection against brute-force attacks:- Now your servers are protected proactively by blocking IPs at server firewall level [ right now enabled using CSF only ]. The bad IP addresses are collected from our client servers which are marked as brute-force source.

2. WAF Settings and additional rules :- Now you have a neat and simple UI option to whitelist ModSec rules in case you want. Our rules are carefully crafted to avoid false positives and other issues. Also new UI let you to enable additional rules to avoid bad bots and exploiting PHP shell scripts. You can enable/disable the rules based on your preference. MORE DETAILS

3. Additional option to enable/disable notification for "Suspcious Files" detection.

4. Added virus signatures.
cPGuard ChangeLog
Version 1.84 [ 15 Jun-2018]
[*] Fixed mobile view issues in WHM interface
[*] Corrected website link in the interface
[+] Added daily scan for the updated files with less CPU affinity
[+]Signature updates
We are excited to announce the release of version 1.83. Along with the bug fixes, we have added some excellent features like ELF Binary file detection under the user accounts. You can find complete changelog at

Version 1.83 [ 22 May-2018]
[*] Bug fix in cPanel plugin to list the scanner jobs
[+] Updated logic for domain reputation with a rotated job list
[+] ELF binary detection in the auto-scanner
[+] Updated signatures list