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Looks like I might need a good SEO expert. I am getting clients who need SEO done and I don't have anyone to work with. I do know a good bit about SEO, but most of my time revolves around building wordpress templates, plugins and managing orders. Anyone wants to help out?
Cheerag Nundlall
Cheerag Nundlall
You can hire some SEO specialists but I am sure it costs more. If you know SEO, you should do it for your website yourself.
I am a Software Engineer by profession and blogger by heart. I started and to share my blogging knowledge and experience. I have been helping people to start their own blog and make money online. - Easily browse over 10,000 virtual and dedicated servers offered by hundreds of hosting providers to find your perfect server at the lowest price available.
I am a good commentator. I answer questions professionally without under the belt. I pinpoint great works and also pinpoint what to need to improve. I also suggest when I got an idea.
As a programmer, you need to keep your mind free and ready to solve problems. Programming is the spiritual side of physical problem-solving. Be ready so program the next solution.
Hi myself Steve, I write for blog and here to know about the technical activities which takes place in online marketing.