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Is there a VPS provider that offers big hard drives with low CPU/RAM at a cheap price?

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    Is there a VPS provider that offers big hard drives with low CPU/RAM at a cheap price?

    I am looking for a VPS or public cloud service that has these requirements for a web server:

    • Runs Linux where I have permissions to install OS patches
    • Has a 200 GB hard drive (can have slow I/O)
    • I have very low CPU and RAM requirements
    • Bandwidth itself can be slow and even expensive compared to competitors
    • Affordable

    What public cloud or VPS service would be recommended for me? Is there a VPS service that has highly-customizable servers with unusual combinations of CPU/RAM/bandwidth/storage capacity? I've looked around. Usually anything with a 300 GB hard drive has way more RAM and CPU than I need. I do not want to spend more than I need to.

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    Your best bet would be to contact some providers and see if they would be willing to put together a custom VPS plan for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reyansh View Post
    I am looking for a VPS or public cloud service that has these requirements for a web server
    Have you considered using AWS? You can literally configure the server to any spec. They have the lowest EC2 instance starting with 512MB RAM & 1vCPU. HDD can be added as much as you want. You also have option to choose slower, cheaper Magnetic disks or faster, expensive SSD disks. Since you seem to be comfortable in patching the system, I'm sure you would be comfortable enough in setting up an EC2 instance.
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    Contact some providers. Many will do custom packages to suit your needs. Have you contacted any yet?
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