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The Best Web Hosting Services of 2017

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Best web hosting companies for general purpose hosting
There are a countless number of web hosting service providers that are offering many types of web hosting plans. It can often become challenging for you to find the right balance between the costs, features of the services, performance and customer support. Here on this page you will find a selection of top quality web hosts that we recommend for websites, blogs, forums, ecommerce sites and other web hosting needs. More info below:

Recommended web hosting offers for October 22, 2017 Updated daily!

Rank Web Host Hosting company Price/mo. Dom. name Disk space Transfer/mo. Rating Reviews Visit Site
Industry Leader
Host Color $4.99
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$12.95 10 GB SSD 1000 GB "Outstanding" 9.8 Fault-Tolerant, SSD, High-Performance Visit Site
2 RocketBYTE $2.49
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$12.17 5 GB 50 GB "Excellent" 9.5 25% recurring discounts to all buyers Visit Site
3 Dataplugs $4.90
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$12.70 100 GB Unmetered "Wonderful" 9.1 Free Domain, 99.9% Uptime Visit Site
4 Hostens €0.99
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€7.99 30 GB 1 TB "Pretty Good " 8.4 Money Back Guarantee Visit Site
5 HostBastic €5.00
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£9.96 10 GB Unlimited "Good" 8.1 DDoS attack protection Visit Site
6 DTS-NET $1.95
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$9.00 10 GB Unmetered "Great" 7.8 99.9% Uptime! Visit Site
7 Hostpace $20.00
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$12.49 Unlimited Unlimited "Fantastic" 7.5 Best performance Visit Site
8 Datacentreplus £4.99
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$10.00 50 GB 10 TB "Good" 7.3 24x7x365 support Visit Site
9 Mr Rapid Host $50.00
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$12.99 28 GB 10,000 GB "Good" 6.9 100% uptime SLA Visit Site
10 SolaDrive $72.00
Click on the iPage logo to get the special promo price!
$12.50 2 x 120 GB 10 TB "Good" 6.4 Full server management! Visit Site

Most of the web hosts above will give you a special promo price, either via a coupon or automatically if you sign up through this page. Disclaimer: Some of these hosts will pay us a commission in addition to giving you a promotional price. These commissions are reinvested in the development of Forum Web Hosting.

What is web hosting?

A website can be a great way to spread your own ideas or to help draw attention to services and products. However, this will only work if interested people or businesses can reach that website. Using good quality web hosting services will help to ensure that potential visitors to your website can access it when they need or want.

How does web hosting work?

To put it in simple terms, web hosting works by connecting a domain name to a web server on a web hosting service where the files needed for a website are located. The domain name system (DNS) is used to connect the domain name to the web hosting servers where the actual website files are located. After a domain name is registered then all of the website data will need to be set up for theweb servers on the web hosting account where the website will be hosted.Both the domain name and the web servers from the web hosting service must be linked to make the website accessible to visitors. The nameservers of the web hosting service provider have the information about which IP address a particular domain name can be found. When someone accesses the domain name through their web browser, it sends a request to access the website through the Internet and receives the corresponding IP address for the website which displays the website. Most web hosting service providers use multiple nameservers. This will help to ensure that the one trying to access the website will be able to gain access to it even if there is a hardware failure. So, at least two different nameservers should always be used for each domain name for security. After the domain name has been set up on the web hosting providers’ nameservers, and the domain records have been registered and stored at the domain registry, the domain name will resolve to it’s website after a few to 24 hours after the updates. It takes a little time for a process called propagation where all the DNS data spreads through the internet around the world.

How to setup web hosting?

In order to successfully set up websites on a web hosting server and make them available on everyone on the internet, the following steps must be done:

1. Select a web hosting package: Most webhosting services provide their customers with a wide range of different web hosting service types and prices. The different web hosting service types help to meet a variety of needs customers have depending on their required level of performance and different functions needed. Web hosting service packages ranges from inexpensive web hosting services for beginners on up to high-performance web server systems for professional users and high-end web hosting needs.

2. Register a domain name: Domain names can often be purchased from the web hosting provider, who is also offering the web server space for web hosting, as well as from other separate domain registrars. In some webhosting services a domain name may be included in the cost of the web hosting serviceso there are often no extra costs to register a domain name.

3. Link the domain name to the web hosting: As already explained above the domain name that is being used for the website must be linked to it’s webhosting server through DNS. If the domain name and the webhosting service are provided by the same provider then the setup is usually done automatically. You should not have to take any additional steps if this is the case. If the domain name and the web hosting service are from two different providers then the DNS entries must be made using the management control panel or software of the providers.

4. Creating a website: The last step in the process is to create and build your website. To do this you can either use pre-prepared files that will be uploaded to your webhosting server or you may also use a content management system such as WordPress or one of the other content management systems available.

Our web hosting selection

On our list of top web hosting service providers we have made our selection of hosting companies that are capable of delivering professional speed and performance as well as overall top quality web hosting services.
The process that we use for selecting, evaluating and finally ranking web hosting service companies and their hosting offers includes these aspects:

Reputation. We have reviewed top quality web hosting companies as well as hosting providers that have been suggested by our users.

Popularity. We take into consideration the popularity and customer satisfaction of the web hosts.

Speed. In our web hosting reviews we have set up private testingwebsites in order to verify the specs that are stated in the web hosting packages. In some instances we also have public test sites (you will see them in the reviews), where you can also check the websites for yourself and determine how the hosting performs while browsing through the test sites.

Reliability and uptime. There are no web hosts that are 100% perfect all the time due to the nature of the services. However, all web hosts that we have rated with 4 stars or more are the top performing web hosts regarding server uptime.

Features. Most web hosts have services that are loaded with many different features you may not need. In some cases you may have very specific or advanced requirements that only a few web hosts will have to offer (SSH access as an example). All of the web hosts on this page have all of the standard features you would usually expect from a modern web hosting provider: Perl, PHP, MySQL, a control panel and email as well as industry standard features that most clients may need.

Support. This is often very tricky and difficult to evaluate because the quality of the provided support can sometime vary from one support representative to another. We kindly ask that you to share your experiences in our comments section for your web host to help us provide the best possible information. Unfortunately this can sometime attract fake or false comments (often from competitors or even from the web hosts themselves). We always will try to moderate the comments but for reasons beyond our control this is not a 100% failsafe ability.

A note about Pricing: We are regularly trying to find the best possible coupons, savings codes and trying to secure special deals or promotions with web hosting providersso that we can bring you the best possible prices for each web hosting offer. Sometimes, though, the prices are valid only for a limited time and it may be that some of the promotionshave expired when you try to take advantage of the deal. If this happens then please let us know and we will update the information as soon as possible. Meanwhile, try to take advantage of these good offers while they are available!

Hosting Categories

Web Hosting Tips

Web Design

If you are looking for a good place to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, Graphic design, CMS, Web programming then here on our Web Design & Development forum will help you to learn and discussing with web designers and web developers.

Hosting Plan Details

Fault-Tolerant SAN
Enterprise SSD storage
Dedicated IP and SSL, available per request
cPanel control panel
Softaculous autoinstaller
Responsive 24/7 support
Choice of Hosting plans
Scale up at any time
Stable, reliable service
$4.99/month 5 stars

Host Color

Use coupon code FORUMWEBHOSTING to get the Special Price!

« Host Color's (HC) web hosting plans are designed for write intensive applications and high performance websites. We host your data on a Storage Area Network (SAN), which is both very fast (delivers more than 600K random IO/second for high IOPS) and Fault-Tolerant, as it has built-in protection that safeguards your hosting account under any circumstances without performance impact.

• High-Performance Web Hosting • Your Website hosted on Fault-Tolerant SAN, • Enterprise SSD Disk Space • 256 MB PHP Memory Limit • FREE SpamExperts Professional Email Filter

Host Color is a one of the most reliable web hosting providers since 2000. We have been hosting important websites and apps for happy customers for 20 years. »

Instant Setup
Unlimited Free SSL Certificates via Let's Encrypt
7 Days Money Back Guarantee!
99% Uptime Guarantee!
Round The Clock Support
Daily Backups
SSD Storage
DDoS Protection & Mitigation
LiteSpeed Web Server - Much Faster Than Apache
Softaculous - 1 Click Installs for over 150 scripts!
$2.49 / month 5 stars


Use coupon code 25OFF to get the Special Price!

« RocketByte is an affordable but quality hosting service that everyone can use for their hosting needs. We strive the provide the best possible hosting experience when dealing with customers.

• 5 GB Storage Space, • 50 GB Premium Bandwidth, • 3 Email Accounts, • 3 Databases, • 3 Sub Domains, Free SSL Certificates

Usually, hosting services that comes with our special features will put a hole in your wallet. RocketByte strives to get rid of that mindset, by making premium hosting affordable. »

1 Website
100GB Web Space
Unmetered Traffic
100 Email Addresses
1 MySQL database
Free Domain
Redundant BGP network
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
cPanel Powered
30 Days Money-back Guarantee
$4.90/month 5 stars


Use coupon code FORUMWH to get the Special Price!

« We have 10 years of dedicated experience in Web Hosting, Dedicated Server and Colocation. DataPlugs delivers enterprise level hosting services to businesses of all sizes worldwide.

• Hong Kong Tier 3+ Data Centers • Free Trial • 24/7 Support • 100Gbps Redundant BGP Network with Multiple Tier-1 Providers • Scalable and Upgradable Plans • Unmetered Traffic • Free Domain • cPanel Powered

We may host time limited promotions, visit our website regularly for not missing out any deal which could improve your business cost-efficiency! »

15 GB disk space
1 TB bandwidth
1 website
10 databases
10 email accounts
Daily/Weekly backups
DirectAdmin control panel
€0.99/month 5 stars


Use coupon code ForumWeb to get the Special Price!

« Besides our cute Hamster, Hostens team consists of web hosting geeks with over 5 years experience in system administration. These senior engineers are the core of a company, and have broad experience in supporting, configuring, maintaining, and administrating Linux systems, specializing in production Cloud computing and virtualization systems based on the OpenVZ/KVM. Our engineers have solid experience in managing web hosting environments: LAMP, TCP/IP, DNS, Exim.

• 15 GB disk space, • 1 TB bandwidth, • 1 website, 10 databases, • 10 email accounts, • Daily/Weekly backups, • DirectAdmin control panel

Also, we are a team of creators, thinkers, and explorers. We have been lucky to have like-minded people join Hostens. We love having fun, but we are very serious about delivering great outcomes too. Through our experience, we get to know when it is a time to work when it is a time to celebrate. By being a leading hosting provider in Lithuania we have proven our skills multiple times. We are proud to offer our customers not only the best prices and high-quality services, but fast and friendly support too. »

10 GB SSD Storage
Accounts: 50
DDoS Protected
Let's Encrypt SSL
CloudFlare Integration
cPanel & WHM
Unlimited Bandwidth
Softaculous Auto Installer
Overselling Enabled
Custom NameServers (DNS)
€5/month 5 stars


Use coupon code SALE30 to get the Special Price!

« We are a team of hosting experts which has only one goal in mind, to deliver top quality hosting services, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

We guarantee you up to 600% faster loading times!, • Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate, • Enterprise TIER IV Datacenter in Europe, • DDoS Attack Protection, • Enterprise & Fast SSD Storage ( RAID 10 ), • Upgrade / Downgrade Anytime, • Softaculous Auto Installer, • e-Commerce, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, etc., • Cloud Linux, • cPanel, • Fast Activation, • Antivirus and Mal-ware Protection, • Multiple PHP Versions (5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0), • 24/7 Technical Support, • 99,9% Uptime Guarantee, • SEO Friendly Hosting, • CloudFlare Integration, • All Basic Web Server Components, • Unlimited Bandwidth, • Unlimited Emails, • Unlimited Databases, • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

When hosting at HostBastic you can be sure if ever encoutering any kind of problem with your service there is a team of hosting experts working 24/7/365 and will responde to your tickets as fast as in 15 Minutes time! We believe in giving each of our customers a personal service that is second to none. »

10GB storage
Unlimited Websites
Unmetered bandwidth
24/7/365 Access & Support
Protect your Web content 24/7/365
Instantly install over 400 applications

$1.95/month 5 stars


Use coupon code forumwebhosting to get the Special Price!

« DTS-NET was founded in 1997, and is privately owned, located in Richlands, NC, USA. Our purpose for existing is to provide personal, business, educational, and community access to the Cloud. We provide the latest state-of-the-art Internet technology for businesses, individuals, public institutions, and non-profit organizations. We offer the highest quality Products and Services available at the most affordable price possible and will price match any competitor.

• 24/7 Support, • 99.9% Uptime, • Price Match, • Since 1997 a dedicated team of professionals and much, much more...

DTS-NET is a company you can start with and grow with. It is a good choice for newbies because of the support and ease of use. DTS-NET offers the highest quality Products and Services available at the most affordable prices possible. However, it is also a good hosting company for those with larger sites or sites that are growing, because of the ability to move easily from web hosting to dedicated servers and DTS-NET cloud based services. »

99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Easy to use control panel
Instant Account Setup
1-Click Installer
Superior Hardware
Competitive Prices
24/7 Customer Support
$20/month 5 stars


Use coupon code Forumweb to get the Special Price!

« We offer a wide range of top notch web hosting services for everyone, from the home user to the professional. At HostPace we endeavor to offer our clients the best services at competitive prices. Our services incorporate everything from cheap Shared, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated Servers and more.
The greater part of our facilitating arrangements highlight a 99.9% uptime ensure and around-the-clock technical support from our highly skilled staff ventures to interact with all customers with professionalism and courtesy. Should you ever outgrow your hosting plans, you have the option to overhaul and get more resources, allowing your business to continue growing.

Unlimited Storage, • Unlimited Bandwidth, • 30 cPanel Accounts, • Unlimited Domains Allowed, • Unlimited Email Accounts,• Unlimited FTP Accounts, • Unlimited Databases

Web hosting is our passion. HostPace endeavors to be customers One Stop Web Hosting Solutions for all the Needs and we are committed to provide best customer service. With our friendly and knowledgeable technical, billing and sales teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any queries or concerns you may have. »

1 vCPU
50GB SSHD Storage
1 Private IP included
100mbps fixed rate bandwidth
10TB Traffic included
1 hour remote hands
£4.99/month 5 stars


Use coupon code Forumweb to get the Special Price!

« Based in MediaCityUK, Datacentreplus is perfectly positioned to provide fast and reliable hosting to businesses in Manchester and across the globe.
Datacentreplus specialises in dedicated servers, cloud servers and colocation.

• 100 Mbps connection, • 24/7 Support, • 30 min provision time, • 10 TB Traffic Included, • Managed Support Available, • Cpanel & Plesk (Optional), • Private IPs No Long-Term Contracts Linux & Windows (Optional)

We take pride in our customer service and as a result we have gained a band of loyal customers from a range of industries.
Working with our customers and focusing on has been a strategy that has worked for us and allowed us to cement our position in a very competitive industry. »

Up to 4 Drives, 128 GB SSD
100% Uptime SLA
10 Gbps DDoS Protection
1 Gbps Dedicated Port
10 TB Premium Bandwidth
/29 IP Block (5 Usable IPs)
Tier 4 Data Center with N+2 Redundancy
24/7 Technical Support.
24/7 Live Chat
$50/month 5 stars

Mr Rapid Host

Use coupon code 10OFFA to get the Special Price!

« Here at MrRapidHost, we understand how important it is to have your website running smoothly.
Whether you have a small business from home or write a blog just for fun, we provide the highest quality of web hosting. Our competitive rates for packages such as Shared Hosting and Virtual Private Servers mean that you'll struggle to find a better deal anywhere else! With a guaranteed 99.99% uptime and 24/7 technical support from our expert team of professionals, our existing customers believe we tick all the boxes. We allow you to upgrade at any time in order to get even more resources for your website, so there are no limits to what.

Cores Dual Core (1.66Ghz X 4), • Port Speed: 1 Gbps Dedicated Port, • Bandwidth: 10,000 GB Premium Transfer, • Memory: 4 GB DDR2 RAM, • Primary Hard Drive: 128 GB Primary SSD Drive /500GB SATA, • Operating System: CentOS, • Additional IPs: 5 Usable IPs (/29), • DDoS Protection: 10 Gbps DDoS Protection, • Server Management: Unmanaged(Management available at $50/mo), • Location: NYCMetro Area, New Jersey, • Setup time: 24-48 Hours

We take pride in ensuring our customers are happy with our hosting. With that said, we work to improve our services on a daily basis by providing the best secure and reliable hosting, one on one personal support, and most affordable rates in the industry. »

2 x 120GB SSD
10TB Bandwidth
100Mbps Uplink
Fully Managed
$72.00/month 5 stars


Use coupon code 15OFF to get the Special Price!

« With a brand new line up of servers, we are offering a hefty discount to help fill a bunch of brand new, empty servers! Up to 15% off for the lifetime discount on servers below can be taken advantage of. This discount applies to all configurations made to servers as well.

Full Server Management w/ True 10-15 Minute Response Times!, • Wide variety of operating systems to choose from!, • IPMI: Allows you to remote reboot, reload, console your machine!, • Enterprise-level 100% uptime SLA on power and network availability, • Free Dedicated IP, • Supermicro Motherboard's and Enterprise Hardware! Don’t settle for cheap, old, unreliable servers!, • FREE 1 Hour Hardware Replacement SLA, • Free Transfer Assistance, • Adult Content - Allowed, • Generally online within 2-4 hours during business hours (8AM-5PM PST Mon-Friday)

SolaDrive commenced operation of its services in early 2009, and ventured to have an online presence in November of 2010, providing managed virtual private servers and managed dedicated servers to small and medium-sized enterprises. Having experienced poor quality hosting firsthand, and working for companies who provided subpar services, the founders of SolaDrive strive to create and provide a better brand, focusing on providing the best service and support to our clients. Our pledge is to provide our clients with nothing but the best quality service and support at a reasonable price. We aim to accomplish this by consistent internal growth and continual upgrade of our structural hardware and frontend products, while keeping costs affordable and providing the required support commensurate to our growth. »

Prices shown on this page are for 12 month terms or longer. Please see individual reviews for details. Hosting companies may change their pricing, specs and conditions without notice. Though we try to track them accurately, please report any discrepancies you might find.

Need More?

Lower cost: see our selection of web hosting offers »

Note: Most web hosting providers have their own Terms Of Service or Use that limit the hosting of illegal and/or potentially offensive or inappropriate content, including "warez or nulled software", copyright violations of others and adult content hosting. If you are not sure about what a particular web host allows then please make sure to read their TOS before you decide to make a purchase of web hosting services by a hosting provider.

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