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Why Choosing Us?
If you want true high performance hosting with dedicated resources, without the complicated technical investment in large company “cloud” ecosystems, our Dedicated KVM Servers are the hosting product to try in 2018.

HostBastics KVM Servers offer straightforward VPS style hosting but with consistent performance, something that can't be achieved with budget VPS providers, cheap cloud hosting or with hosting giants.

Powered by 3.8Ghz+ Intel® processors our enterprise server nodes provide you with consistent high performance. No overselling means no noisy neighbors and performance deterioration.
Prevent service disruptions during attacks with our DDoS Protection. No revenue loss due to attacks causing service outages. Maximum performance with no additional latency. No unexpected bandwidth overage charges due to attack traffic. Available for large attacks up to 500+ Gbps.

KVM supports Full Disk Encryption (FDE), allowing you to make sure that your data is safe and only accessible by those that have the encryption passphrase.

TEST OUR NETWORK: Ping Test & Test File
When hosting at HostBastic you can be sure if ever encoutering any kind of problem with your service there is a team of hosting experts working 24/7/365 and will responde to your tickets as fast as in 15 Minutes time! We believe in giving each of our customers a personal service that is second to none.
Payment Methods
We accept Cryptocurrency, PayPal and all major credit cards via PayPal. You can pay in USD, GBP or EUR.
Available Locations
Roubaix, France
Billing and Guarantee
7 Day Money Back Guarantee