[BountySite] Introductory Offer

[BountySite] Introductory Offer

Though, we don't compete with backup service vendors, I like to highlight some backup features of BountySite.
Checkout BountySite vs CodeGuard
For Hosting Providers/Resellers: Take a look at our 5 page presentation
BountySite can now automatically detect your CMS, and store database credentials for backup. No need to manually configure database backup.
Currently supporting Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. More to follow.

You can now request for a dedicated demo account and get your hands on. Drop us a request at sales (at) bountysite.com
Subscribe only on full satisfaction.
Sell/Resell BountySite services and earn upto 50% commission.

BountySite has been designed for Hosting Providers and Resellers, with the following features:-
  • Integrate into existing WHMCS system with BountySite WHMCS plugin
  • Or use BountySite provisioning API
  • Multi user control panel to delegate tasks to respective team members
  • Handle customer queries and help them fix directly, without relying on BountySite
  • Add layer of security to your hosting infra
  • Gives you more control in handling website security matters, which means happy customer
  • Concierge option available in Control Panel, where you can help site owner
  • The most cost effective security service in the Hosting Industry
Limited Offer:
  • Get 1GB Backup space for free, with 1 Mysql database for one website
  • Add proactive security for free to your website
  • There is no reason why you still don't backup your website
  • With backup restore points, malware removal is in your hands and it is free. You don't have to fresh install!
  • 1GB Backup Plan details
  • Website backup overview details can be found here
  • More details here
  • Go ahead and create your free account here
  • Control Panel feature details can be found here.

Bottom line: You get all this for free. Join us at our forum(after signing up), and help us get better. Feedback and feature requests are most welcome.

Special Limited Offer:
- Get 10GB backup space for free, with Mysql databases, per website
- Contact us to create a new account for you
Offer applies only for the following types of sites:
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Directory websites
  • Review sites
  • Informational websites
  • Online business brochure/catalog
  • Community building websites
  • Writers/Authors websites
  • Mobile device websites
Q: What do you do when your site gets hacked/infected?
I delete the whole site and start fresh from backup
With BountySite, you just login and click restore to the last known pristine state, saving you precious time and money.

Q: What if your backup has only last 7 days, and the oldest version is also infected?
Pray that I have a remote backup somewhere, in pristine state
BountySite keeps snapshots since you first backed up. With Enterprise plans, you never loose your data.

Q: Hosting provider contacts you that your site is infected, and threatens to pull off your site?
Quarrel with hosting provider that this is not my fault, and make tech support guy's life miserable
BountySite notifies you about file changes during backup, so that you can take necessary action on unauthorized changes. This gives you time to fix, even before Hosting provider is notified about infected site.
You get a second chance to fix it!

Q: Are you aware of the hassles of removing a site from blacklisting?
We will see, when it happens
If site gets infected with malware, and unattended for a week, it goes into several blacklisting vendors. Site ultimately gets blocked on most popular web browsers. Good luck getting it unblocked or spend money getting someone unblock!

Q: Old idle sites are the ones mostly targeted, cause they run old vulnerable versions.
BountySite provides with operating mode Stable, which is capable of auto reverting unauthorized changes to idle sites. This gives time for you to work on upgrade/fix.

Q: You have come with a situation to remove malware and clean your site. What do you do?
With BountySite, malware removal is all in your hands for free. You can track your site file changes, and work on those specific files.
For eg. you can traverse back time, and browse files and upload a specific file.
This feature saves you lot of time and money.

Do you see the proactive security approach from BountySite now?
What are you waiting for?