[BountySite] Introductory Offer

[BountySite] Introductory Offer

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Why Choosing Us?
BountySite Features Overview
  • Modular backup design allowing global distribution of storage nodes
  • Super fast backup, with storage node close to hosting server
  • Very low resource utilization on Hosting server
  • Maximum concurrency limit per FTP host to allow peak web traffic use maximum resources
  • Designed to backup thousands of sites
  • Unlimited snapshots
  • Automated malware scanning
  • Free Bounty Security (Limited offer)
  • Storage on industry standard AES 256 bit encryption
  • All storage nodes are accessible only via SSL REST API
  • Auto revert file changes using Stable operating mode
  • Restore web and database individually giving granular control on restores
  • Use backup to bring your site up using Disaster Recovery
  • Access to Free 1GB Backup Plan
  • Centralized Package provisioning system
  • Provide own support to customers with logs
  • Mysql over PHP on HTTPs based backup/recovery
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Optimize Static Contents to improve PageSpeed
BountySite Site Owner Control Panel Features Overview

  • Backup Site using FTP, FTPS and SFTP
  • MySQL Database Backup
  • Documentation corresponding to every page
  • Notification messages
  • Backup API Key ACL to manage backups externally using CPanel/Wordpress plugins
  • View time in local timezone, instead of default GMT
  • Advanced Login Security
    • Enable Two Step Authentication - receive token in email for login
    • Allow login from specific IP ranges - allow login from specific source IP/networks only
    • Allow login from specific country - lookup IP and find country for login request
  • Multi currency support
  • Multi user account with RBACL - meaning delegate sub tasks to other users
  • Disable sub user login
  • Authorize service provider/partner to login into your account, for concierge
  • Simple backup configuration with verification
  • View backup history for web/database
  • Traverse through files using File Browser; Time Travel to past
  • Restore web/database individually
  • Track changes per single file per backup history/commit changes
  • Notifications via mail and control panel
For Site Owner
Website backup Plans
  • Free 1GB Plan - 0$ / pm :
    • RAID0 storage
    • 1GB and 1 database
  • Enterprise Plan - 1$/GB/pm (billed...
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Payment Methods
Available Locations
Singapore, Toronto, San Francisco, Dallas, New York, London, Frankfurt, Bangalore
Frequently Asked Questions
Your pricing looks ridiculously cheap. Is there a trap?
Our pricing model is simple. Pay per used storage. There is no catch anywhere. If we do introduce 1$ per threat, it is only going to be an AddOn service, which you can either opt in or out. Your backup plan is independent, and will continue to receive free security scanning. We built the service for security. That is our main goal. We want to protect 90% of sites, which are only waiting to be hacked.

*Never* store backups on some throw away *cloud* storage
Our Enterprise Plan stores backup data on DigitalOcean block storage with a replica to AWS S3, in a different Geo location. If that does not convince, we are more than happy to build you a dedicated customized fully managed storage solution, with BYOS

There is too much of tech information for me to make sense of your offerings. Can you summarize in simple terms?
Security is very tech, and we have tried to simplify as mush as possible, and will continue to do. Take a look at our 5 page presentation

Still! Your pricing is too low? Too good to be true
Look at us as a whole sale vendor. BountySite gets better with more sites on our platform. Hence, such pricing.

Why do I care about backup speed?
Sure, backup runs in the background. But faster backups is essential to release any hosting server resources.
Huh! Not enough? Ok! BountySite backups your website with latest contents, before doing a restore, as anyone would or should. If your backup takes 30min, your restores will take longer time. BountySite restores are faster, because backups are faster.
Restore is the most essential part of backup, which is commonly overlooked. Your backup can be easy, but is your restores simple?

How do you provide fast backup speed?
With our Enterprise cloud backup plan and BYOS, we can achieve blazing speed backups. The reason is very simple, we are reducing the round trip time between hosting server and backup storage node. We are the only one in the industry to be offering this.

Now, what about data reliability / disaster recovery, keeping backup in same zone?
We have what we call Redundant Backup(not the best in naming), which keeps copy of the backup data to remote Geo locations. Be it one copy on AWS S3 or multiple copies of dedicated server spread across Geo locations.
With redundant copy on dedicated servers(only), there is one unique feature. If for xyz reasons, your primary copy is damaged or corrupted, your redundant copy will not overwrite existing redundant copy archive, but will create a new archive, and notify us.

What IP should I allow for mysql remote backup?
We are distributed globally and our IP address vary to the server your account is provisioned on.
We have come up with a solution to backup/restore Mysql over HTTPS, using PHP script. BountySite sends db credentials over HTTPS to the php script(not generic) and downloads database. This is more secure than doing a mysqldump. The php script is specific for individual site, and can be downloaded from the control panel, under corresponding site. If your site is working on HTTP, this will not work. Please move to HTTPS.

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