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Blog Rules

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Please follow the blogging platform rules below to avoid getting your blog entries deleted or getting your account banned.

The Rules:

1. No Affiliate Links - No affiliate links allowed in your blog posts. You're only allowed to link to your website or social accounts.

2. Only 1 Link in Each Blog Post - You're only allowed to post 1 url in each blog post you create, anchor text is allowed. Your link will be dofollow link if you have 35 posts on the forum. Otherwise, It will be set as nofollow link.

3. No Product Reviews - The blog platform is for members to contribute valuable information and in exchange they can add a link to they're website or products but not other people's products.

4. Only Original Content - Any duplicate or stolen content will be removed without warning, members should only contribute original content.

5. Moderation and Approval - Each blog entry will be manually approved by the WMS moderators to avoid spam. If your blog entry is taking too long to get approved feel free to contact one of the moderators.

6. No Wild Characters - Use capslock, bolding and other text tools carefully and make sure everything is easy on the eye.

7. ForumWeb.Hosting Trademark - If your blog post is approved it doesn't mean it is endorsed by WMS, don't go around claiming that your blog entries are the best because they're approved on FWH.

8. Forum Related Topics - All blog entries must stay on the topic of website/graphic design, programming, coding, affiliate marketing, make money online, business, social media, web host etc. (any topic that is related to the forum discussions)

9. Deleted Post - Do not open a new thread on the forum asking why your blog entries were deleted or not approved, instead contact one of the moderators.

10. No Gaming The System - Don't create multiple accounts, hidden anchor text or tell people your information/offer is the best.

11. Use English - Only English blog entries will be approved. Don't use Google or Bing translate instead outsource the article translation.

12. Quality is Important - Make sure that your blog posts offer value and write something that is worth sharing online. Posts with poor grammar and a lot of spelling errors won't be approved.

13. Word Count - Each blog entry should be at least 300 words and nothing less.

14. Blog Comments - All blog comments will be manually approved by moderators to avoid spam and meaningless comments.

15. Multimedia Content - Feel free to add videos and images in your blog posts.

16. SEO - Optimize your posts for search engines but be careful of over optimization or your posts won't be approved.

17. Advertising - Avoid advertising and focus on providing value, that makes it even easier for people to trust you and do business with you.

18. Forum Activity - You need to have at least 35 valuable posts on the forum for your blog posts to be approved and one liners don't count.

Updated 06-25-2015 at 06:12 PM by Nytshade

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