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  1. Calculating Actual Download Speed Without Downloading

    I will show you how to calculate download speed -- without downloading anything! But first I need to define an important term: TCP window size

    The TCP receive window size is the maximum amount of received data, in bytes, that can be buffered at one time on the receiving side of a connection. The sending host can send only that amount of data before waiting for an acknowledgment and window update from the receiving host. By default, the TCP receive window size for Windows is 64 Bytes ...
  2. Installing php OpCache with CustomBuild 2.0

    Zend Opcache - A technique to speed up your PHP codes on your hosting server, it works similar to APC but because APC has not updated for a long time so I did not recommend to install it here. Moreover, Opcache have faster speed than APC.

    But if i you are using php 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 or 5.6 on Directadmin when you install Zend OPcache, you can have problems with installations, just switch to CustomBuild 2.0 to install Zend Opcache and it is easy in some steps as following.

  3. WordPress – Useful & Important plugins to install before starting blogging

    I assume you have idea about installing wordpress and use the backend of wordpress. So let us start with some basic knowledge about the wordpress plugin, which will make your blog secured and give some booster functions on increasing traffic on your blog. Also you have some security features on your blog to avoid spam emails and comments from autobots and black listed ip.

    So here is the first plugin i would like to introduce.

    Better WP Security

    This is ...
  4. Successful tips for building brand for your business

    If you are doing business but still your are not getting enough attention and finding difficult to sale your products or services. Your product is good and better than other who is already well-known in the industry. So you must be wondering what is going wrong. Because you are getting good feedback from your clients and consumer about your product and services.

    But still your product is not getting enough attention and recognition. So what is the reason?

    So today I ...
  5. 5 Social Media Tools That You Will Absolutely Love!

    How many social media tools are there?


    Here are some cool tools I've come across recently and a few I personally use to manage my social media marketing.

    [*] InboundWriter

    It's normal that 20% of all the articles you create drive 80% of the traffic to your site, however what if you were able to know before hand if your content will easily rank for your chosen keywords? and what the competition really is for that given keyword ...
  6. Startup with an idea? To outsource or not?

    You have an idea and want to develop business around it. Besides business model you need to position yourself and your product/service presence on web,
    to develop tools for sales, marketing and advertising of your product or service.

    You have three possibilities how to pase development:

    1. Do it yourself

    You ...

    Updated 04-08-2015 at 01:41 PM by danny83

    Internet Marketing
  7. How to increase your blog traffic with Facebook Group

    Traffic is the ultimate goal of any online business. A blog with the best content online with no or little traffic is consider poor. While getting traffic is important and necessary, it does not means a business will succeed but it gets a business close to success.

    Facebook is one of the best social media site out there, tons of traffic can be successfully tapped off it. Facebook group is a great source of traffic which can be easily tapped without much work. Follow the strategies ...
  8. Content That Gets the Click

    Everyone who has an online business needs content but many times that is the one thing they skimp on. People are in a hurry to get their websites up and running and throw up PLR or content written by writers that don’t really understand how to construct a good article.

    Content is what keeps people on your site longer and is also what keeps them coming back. We all focus on getting new traffic, but in reality if you have returning guest your traffic will spike over and over again! ...
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