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Tips to design a great Logo?

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    Tips to design a great Logo?

    I knew Photoshop and I'm studying Corel draw to design my own logo, may be I have good skills on graphic design but ways/ideas to design a good logo then I might not have any
    Can you please share your experience, which are the best practices for logo designing?

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    See how other make logo try to make it first with the help of tools you're using and then try making one unique logos.

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    It is important to know what you want to convey through your logo. The design should be made accordingly. Using the right fonts and colors is also an important aspect of logo designing. Make sure your logo is unique so that it stands out in the crowd!

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    Check out sites such as Logopond.com for inspiration. And do it daily. After a while you will get an eye of what is working and what is not.

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    When you design logo, it’s very important that logo is simple, easy to recognize and unique. Good logo must be in vector format because it has to be applicable in all printing techniques, and to have application in cutting advertising film, monogramming, engraving, embossing, hot stamping etc. Programs that are often used for vector graphic are Adobe illustrator, Inkscape and Corel Draw.

    Photoshop is program for raster graphic and in Ps you can make good sketch, mockup..etc. but for creating logo it must be used programs for vector graphic.

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    see as many logo as possible, gain idea from those & you need to creative, creative & only creative.

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    Since the first impression the customer receives a brand is through your logo, we will analyze 5 of the fundamental characteristics that should have the logo of your company, so that it accurately represents the values ​​you want to convey.

    1. Simple
    The graphic elements of the logo should be few and clear, using shapes, colors and fonts to endow the expressiveness and identity. Simplicity should be associated with the facility to identify with your company logo.

    2. Striking and easy to remember
    Their visual impact should be immediate and enduring to your customers quickly associate with your company. This point can be a bit contradictory: you can opt for a transgressor design, really suppose an impact on your audience, but you run the risk that the public forget the brand and not associate with your company logo. So, despite the impact, it must find a balance between consistency and transgression.

    3. Coherent
    Your logo should be representative and consistent corporate image with colors and shapes for use in all materials of your brand. The logo should reflect the main feature of your company or product in a simple way. You must decide what message you want to forward and then check the public, which effectively transmit that message and not another. The logos also transmit information about the company, so the logo, we are communicating a message.

    4. Durable in time

    The main purpose of a logo is to be remembered, so we should emphasize the core values ​​of the brand so as to reflect as closely as possible in an image. To help avoid confusion, it is quite useful to keep the same style and design in the company colors, logo and images of the company. To this must be adaptable to any means of viewing and printing and readable on any scale.

    5. Credibility

    One of the most important aspects to build a strong brand image is the logo of your company forward trust and credibility. The values ​​and personality you want to attribute the logo should be consistent both with the company, and with the visual identity you want to create. For logo design must take into account a number of factors such as the sector to which the client or audience you are addressing is dedicated. You have to understand the connotations of color or symbolic images in each region or cultural field and conduct market research to ensure that the logo can not be interpreted as damaging to the brand. All this to get your logo is credible and consistent, and that people identify with him associate with a seal of approval. When a company has a high quality product immediately generates demand within the consumer population. Consumers therefore seek the logo on the products they buy, to make sure the brand you are buying is trustworthy.

    If you meet all these features and carry out a coherent communication strategy with each of them, the success of your company will be almost assured.

    Hope that helps!

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    logos these days prefer simpler and cleaner approach. it should reflect the business and easy to brand.

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    There are so many ways have those are really helpful for design a logo, some of them are given below:

    - You can make your first design with black and white, then print it out and see where is fuzzy type things, if there any then fix it up.
    - Font selection is very important here, so select font very wisely.
    - You can use shadows in logos, this is looking very nice but sometimes its size get so much for sending files to others, again it can be problematic when you'll print it, not all the time, this is why sometimes simplicity is better.
    - You shouldn't use clipart, because of you can't trademark it, so it could be create problem for your logo design.
    - Should not use unusual or unnecessary words, in graphics marketing design is more important than words.

    Hope these might be helpful for you.

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