Cybex hosting puts forth some exemplary webhosting solutions for all kind of hosting services-WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Shared hosting, Cloud hosting and Dedicated hosting. Attractive prices for all kinds of plans adjoined by unlimited bandwidth and easy installation makes Cybex hosting the most preferable service platform across India, Canada and Dubai. Ensuring maximum security through remote backups, provisioned one-click easy installations and quality support which serves around the clock makes Cybex hosting the user friendly platform that it is.

Custom tailored designs and solutions yield ideal outputs for anyone who entrusts their webhostingduties with Cybex hosting. Free cPanel and hosting ably assisted by our support team would benefit you through and through. All our services come with incisively transparent charges and many
alluring offers. If you are eager to switch to Cybex hosting, the migration processes are also made simple as possible with directive assistance and no migration charges. Cybex hosting stands as the best webhosting solution option having established the supremely secure, innovative, supported and
custom-centric designs for all sorts of demands- small or big- across the globe. Join the new era of webhosting without further delay.

VPS Hosting Starter Plan

- 1 GB RAM
- 1 GB RAM (swap)
- 1x vCPU
- 40 GB SSD space
- 250 GB Bandwidth
- 1Gbps uplink
- 1x IPv4
- OpenVZ/SolusVM
- $5 /month - Order Now
- $48 /year - Order Now

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Cybex Hosting SSD VPS Hosting Package:

- 4 GB RAM
- 4 GB RAM (swap)
- 1x vCPU
- 50 GB SSD space
- 800 GB Bandwidth
- 1Gbps uplink
- 1x IPv4
- OpenVZ/SolusVM
- $10 /month - Order Now
- $100 /year - Order Now

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