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Are there fake Paypal?

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    Are there fake Paypal?

    I read that there is a fraud Paypal site which they copy almost the same logo and site. How true is this and how will I know if the PayPal site I entered is legit?

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    Usually, Google Chrome and some internet security software will tell you if the website is deceptive.
    However, from what I know - all countries PayPal addresses start with paypal.com. For example, Australia Paypal is https://www.paypal.com/au/home
    When they communicate to you via e-mail, they always start with your name. Example:
    Subject: John Doe, your business newsletter is here.
    Message contents: Hi John Doe.....

    A general rule of thumb - if PayPal contacts you wanting you to do something - go directly to paypal.com (not via the links in the email) and navigate to wherever it is.
    PayPal also has a guide on this.
    24/7 Support | Superior Hardware

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    Quote Originally Posted by trendjing View Post
    I read that there is a fraud Paypal site which they copy almost the same logo and site. How true is this and how will I know if the PayPal site I entered is legit?
    There are many frauds nowadays. I would like to recommend to watch video from youtube about how to create a Paypal account by Tristan Ruiz. I watched and followed step by step all his procedures. I made my Paypal account based on his video. I can say that the site where I applied my account in Paypal is legitimate. Until now, I used that in receiving my earnings online and so far, I got no problem at all. Only one thing that I would like to remind you, that video is in Filipino language. Good for you if you know how to understand it because the video is very helpful.

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    It is not impossible to have fake paypal website. We always have to keep in mind that if we have paypal account and we receive email from them, we have to be cautious and you don't just click those links attached to it or else your account will be in big trouble. Localnode is absolutely right. You need to go directly to paypal website and log in directly and you can view all legit notification on your account.

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    Yes it is possible I think because we all know that there many scammers circulating around the web as now a days. These scammers will do everything to make money online at the expense of the other person. To avoid having victimize by fake sites, it is advisable to make an extensive and thorough research in the google search engine on how to detect genuine PayPal sites over the the fake ones. You can also ask advice or ideas to a friend and colleagues who already set an a PayPal account for you to be guided accordingly.

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    In this day and age, scammers are everywhere. We should always take extra precaution in terms of guarding ourselves against fraudsters online or offline.

    As a general rule, Paypal will not send you emails asking again for sensitive information, pins or passwords which you have already done during registration nor ask you to open an attachment or link which normally fake emails are doing.

    I believe the only time Paypal sends you a hyperlink is when you request for a password reset or recovery.

    The only legitimate address for Paypal is https://www.paypal.com. I also observed Paypal always address you via your First and Last Name or Business Name registered never via any generic name. Any suspicious invitation or email received you can verify with Paypal directly and do not open the email or click on any link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trendjing View Post
    I read that there is a fraud Paypal site which they copy almost the same logo and site. How true is this and how will I know if the PayPal site I entered is legit?
    There is no fake PayPal site. But there are
    some people who make sites with similar
    designs and names, one example is a scam
    site called PayBal.
    Everyone knows that PayPal's address is
    www.paypal.com. I don't think anyone
    would miss that.

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