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Virtualbox on Linux VPS?

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    Virtualbox on Linux VPS?

    I read that I can make my PC becomes a VPS with Virtualbox but it is possible to run Virtualbox on linux virtual server? If yes, how?
    I had an issue launching an virtual box from within Ubuntu desktop on a Linux VPS and not I am doubting I can run it on other distributions.

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    Yes, you can run virtual box on liinux server, no issue. Please follow below steps -

    1. You have to download the virtual box on your system and run the installer.
    2. Once done then downoad the Ubuntu download page. You can install the long-term version or ltest version. It is recommended that you should install the long term version for the best result.
    3. .iso file gets downloaded with the installation.
    4. Next step is to setup the Virtual machine.
    5. Launch the virtual box and after that proceed with the new configuration of new virtal box. You can keep all values as it is. Just you wll need to update the name,type and version.
    6. Virytal box is ready now, you have to install the OS on it. Install Ubunt on it. Enter the correct details for the below values.

    Hostname: “hostcom” (or another all-lower-case network name for your server).
    User full name: Your full name (e.g. “Jay McGavren”).
    Username: Your user name, which should be short, one word, and all lower case (e.g. “jay”).
    Password: Enter and confirm a password. Remember it, because you’ll need it to log in or run administrative commands on the virtual machine.
    Write partition changes to disk: “No” will be selected by default; choose “Yes”.
    Write to disk (again): “No” will be selected by default; choose “Yes”.
    Software selection: “standard system utilities” will be selected by default, so just hit Enter. Other packages you need should be installed using the apt-get program later.
    GRUB boot loader: The default choice is actually the correct one on this screen, but to avoid confusion: The installer will confirm this “is the only operating system on this computer”. And it is the only operating system on this virtual machine. So go ahead and choose “Yes”.

    7. Now, connect to your virtual box vai SSH using port 22.

    Hope tis will help you.
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    The better question is why would you want to ?

    Docker is perfect for virtual environments on a VPS
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    Yep, Virtualbox uses custom kernel modules. On OpenVZ you can't run your own kernel and your chances of finding vboxdrv etc. already installed are slim to none.

    Just curious, why would you like to run a virtual machine within a virtual machine?
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