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What is cloud hosting and what is the difference of it with Traditional hosting?

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    Red face What is cloud hosting and what is the difference of it with Traditional hosting?

    Can you guys elaborate what Cloud hosting is? Also its difference with traditional hosting. It would really help me! Thanks a lot

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    Cloudhosting consists of multiple servers which would act as a single server. This is done with the help of technologies such as openstack, cloudstack etc. This allows easy integration of extra resources such as disk space, CPU, memory. You won't have any downtime while upgrading and can configure autoscaling depending on your requirement.

    In the case of traditional hosting, you will have to buy or rent a dedicated server with a specific set of resources. When your website needs more resource, you will have to buy new hardware and replace the old one. This will cause downtime and you won't have an option to autoscale.

    Detailed explanations are given by rackspace at https://www.rackspace.com/en-in/cloud/cloud-computing/cloud-vs-dedicated

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    Main principle of cloud hosting is divide as per the need. Cloud used to distribute the required resources on multiple servers as used them as per the requirement. There are multiple servers work together. If one server fails then other will start loading the same task without any delay. Cloud is nothing but the one larger storage space and processor.

    Here are the some of the advantages of cloud hosting for you -

    1. Accessibility - Main advantage of cloud hosting is that the files are accessible anywhere and anytime. You can access the files when you would like to access without matter of place.

    2. Backup facility - Cloud hosting service always have the copy of your data on the the server. So in the case of disaster, you will have the copy of data even if the data on the main server get deleted or lost.

    3. Low cost solution - You will need to pay just the amount for the storage which you are actually using.

    4. Secure service - You don't have to worry about the security. Cloud hosting provider will have the best infrastructure on which you don't need to worry about the security , they have their setup for security.

    5. High degree of uptime
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    Cloud hosting is distribution of online resources to multiple servers.This means an unlimited number of machines are linked together to provide the same service such that when one goes offline or encounters technical difficulties,the remaining ones continue with the task.The crashing of one machine does not interrupt the performance of the task in any way.Think of it as delegating some work to many workers.When one worker gets tired,there will always be another one to continue the work.

    Cloud hosting services are widely used by many websites today.Actually most of the sites we frequent use these services.Social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn and email services such as Gmail and Hotmail are a few of the familiar websites which use cloud hosting services.They store clients' data,secure personal information and also back up information in case of loss or just deletion.

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