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EvoNoc Solutions - Houston, Texas Colocation

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    EvoNoc Solutions - Houston, Texas Colocation

    •• EvoNoc Colocation Solution •• ForumWeb Promo :: Houston, Tx •

    Network Operators Available

    • Zayo
    • Verizon
    • NTT
    • Comcast
    • Telia
    • Century Link
    • Cogent

    ForumWeb Colocation Specials - Limited Time Offer

    42" Deep (19" Wide) 42RU Locking Cabinet - 1/2 Cabinet - Prices Start at $500.00/mo

    - Power Available - 20A/120V | 20A/208V Circuits A or A+B Drops Also Available.
    - Homeruns Available - Single, Double or More Fibers Available - MMR to MMA
    - Multiple Network Carrier to Connect to.

    42" Deep (19" Wide) 42U Locking Cabinet - Full 42U Cabinet - Prices Start at $800.00/mo

    - Power Available - 20A/120V | 20A/208V Circuits A or A+B Drops Also Available.
    - Homeruns Available - Single, Double or More Fibers Available - MMR to MMA
    - Multiple Network Carrier to Connect to.

    EvoNoc operates a global Infrastructure platform designed for ultimate reliability and scalability. Setting the standard for the EvoNoc 100% Network Uptime.

    • Applicable sales taxes, if any, will be responsibility of customer.
    • All prices are subject to 3% annual escalation over terms of the agreement.
    • There is a $50 reucurring fee for cross connect charges through Meet Me Area.
    • Customers will need to provide PDU, FDP and preterminated Homerun cables with SC connectors.
    • Licensors will waive all NCR's if MLSA and Service orders are excecuted by 12/31/2016.

    - EvoNoc does not lease IP addresses
    - EvoNoc does not provide network provisions we provide interconnections to different providers, customers are liable for connecting with provider and gaining access to network.
    - EvoNoc does not contact any provider for clients to receive internet services we only provide network operators who are in the building.
    - EvoNoc charges a $50 monthly fee for reoccurring cross connects.

    Chat With Us:
    EvoNoc Colocation Platform

    EvoNoc Managed Hosting Solutions

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    One day late, still waiting on server delivery.
    Have not been able to get in contact with any of the team. Been calling every couple of hours and no one picks up.
    In addition no email replies for 4 days.
    Evo noc number is out of server now.

    posting this as a community alert. Will update this if they get in touch.

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    Do not purchase any of EvoNoc or DataDatum servers.
    I have been in contact with who they resell from
    The data center which they resell from told me that they have terminated their colocation. Below is exactly what they said:

    "I'd advise getting a refund from then and moving directly with us. We have had many problems with them in the past from customers and our leasing agreement with them was terminated last month due to client neglect. "

    They will constantly ask to place you under a lease agreement which is what they did with us however likely I we did not agree.

    There are much more proof. For now I am posting this to stop this scam while I get an other admin to remove and delete his account.
    This did not damange my bank so much however I know that it would have for many of other memebers.
    Stay safe and do your research.

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