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Dedicated IP address and SEO value?

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    Dedicated IP address and SEO value?

    The webhost I am moving to claims the following for $30 a year:

    Get all the benefits from having a dedicated IP!
    Having a dedicated IP for each website is considered by some experts as an advantage for search engine optimization. There is a common belief that sites with dedicated IP addresses do better in the search engine results than those on shared IPs. Such sites do not share the risk of being banned for sharing the same IP in case another website hosted on the same server gets banned by a search engine. Dedicated IP is also needed if you want to use an SSL certificate for your website.
    • Improve your search engine rankings with a dedicated IP
    • Insure against search engines ban for sharing a bad IP
    • Get a dedicated IP if you plan to install a private SSL on your site

    .....how true is this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by denvercardonations View Post
    [*]Improve your search engine rankings with a dedicated IP[*]Insure against search engines ban for sharing a bad IP
    Hopefully one of your local SEO experts will chime in to confirm, but my understanding is this is no longer true. Back in the '90's it may have helped a little, but not any more.

    Quote Originally Posted by denvercardonations View Post
    [*]Get a dedicated IP if you plan to install a private SSL on your site
    100% false. Unless the host is using outdated Servers &OS's that don't support SNI. You have host 100's of websites, each with their own SSL on a single IP.

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    Well I thought we'd already answered the question earlier in a similar thread on here about how using a shared IP can effect you if one of those other sites using that same IP gets penalized for something.

    But then the question is, does Google punish ALL sites using that shared IP or does it just punish the domain name in question?

    Nobody really knows for sure. We can only speculate and guess.
    Quote Originally Posted by denvercardonations View Post
    Improve your search engine rankings with a dedicated IP
    How does having a dedicated IP "improve your search engine rankings"? It doesn't! An IP is just an IP. It doesn't do a single thing to help you increase your Google rank.
    Quote Originally Posted by denvercardonations View Post
    Dedicated IP is also needed if you want to use an SSL certificate for your website.
    Not true. Most hosts today can install SSL on a site regardless if its using a dedicated IP or not. Time to look for a modern host!
    Quote Originally Posted by denvercardonations View Post
    Insure against search engines ban for sharing a bad IP.
    Once again, nobody knows whether having a dedicated IP can protect your site from sharing a bad IP as there is absolutely nothing anywhere to say that Google bans every site on that IP.

    That is just a myth and your host is feeding you BS and trying to get you to buy it by using bait tactics. Don't be a sucker!

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    Dedicated IPs are a lot more useful in regards to extended validation SSL certificates and bulk emailing.
    RAD WEB HOSTING - cPanel Shared Hosting - 24/7 Dallas-based Support Team
    Custom Dedicated Servers - High-Availability Cloud - KVM VPS Servers
    DDoS Protected Network - Domains Reseller - Master Reseller and WHMCS

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    Th problem you have is if an IP has been blacklisted somehow. If you are on shared hosting and everyone is sharing the same IP, do you really want to share it with a site that offers porn? I know Knownhost.com offers additional IP's for as little as $2. I try to have a unique IP for all my main websites.

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    There is no need to advertise hosts and their offers.

    Dedicate IP isn't a must for any benefits described in OP question.

    For SSL you can have free shared IP dedicated for SSL.

    dedicated IP for better ranking NO
    prevent to be banned NO (hosting provider can change ip letter to close bad website and clear ip)
    and to add SSL also can't improve ranking.

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