EvoNoc Solutions Managed Colocation Business Starter Package

-EvoNoc Solutions is a Houston Managed Colocation platform. We focus on helping new businesses start a journey in this all so demanding hosting field. This year we have huge plans for new businesses, below I will list our newly added business starter package.

2017 Business Starter Colocation Package

42U (19 Wide) 42RU Locking Cabinet
30 Dual Intel Xeon L5420's with 2x500GB SATA | 32GB RAM
1000Mbps Connection to Cogent & Telia
/26 IPv4 Subnet
Fully Managed - Reactive and Proactive
24/7 Remote Hands Included in Package
KVMoIP On Demand
10Gbps DDoS Mitigation

(MRC)- $600.00 subject to security deposit 1x MRC

Cabinet comes fully stocked and ready to resell, includes 30 servers, 2 dedicated kvmoip and free remote hands.

RTO for the full cabinet is also available on a 24 month leasing program inquire with sales.

This plan is perfect for new dedicated server hosting companies who are not trying to directly resell dedicated for small profit margins.

* We have over 2,000 servers in our budget range the package can be altered with different servers as needed contact sales for more information.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our sales department [email protected]