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Difference between cloud hosting and shared hosting?

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    Difference between cloud hosting and shared hosting?

    What are the methodologies behind the difference between cloud shared hosting and shared hosting? anyone explains me?

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    Shared hosting is typically running on a single server.
    Cloud hosting 'should be' running on virtual servers, spanning multiple physical servers, with no single point of failure.

    The reason I said 'should be' is too many low quality providers use 'cloud' as nothing more then a marketing gimmick when you are actually on a single shared hosting server.
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    I agree with RDO, a good provider will always use clusting to avoid downtime, with/without talking about Cloud, when several others will use the work Cloud without use any RAID or cluster.
    We have removed the word "Cloud" of all our website because too many providers use it for bad reasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VirtuBox View Post
    We have removed the word "Cloud" of all our website because too many providers use it for bad reasons.
    I was thinking of doing the same, the word "Cloud" has lost all meaning even office apps are "Cloud office solutions" now. This what happens when people try to cash in on the lastest buzzword.
    RDO and Virtubox told you everything you need to know.

    Simply put:

    Cloud - Failover protection
    Non Cloud - No failover protection

    But in reality it's hard to get past all the marketing and trying to make single server products more attractive.
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    All above give you right answer
    I don't have anything to add except maybe this picture
    Name:  shared hosting vs Cloud hosting.jpg
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Size:  41.9 KB

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    I think this is a better representation of what a Cloud should be.

    Name:  large-scale-redundant-setup.png
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    Cloud Hosting = Shared Hosting. Both services you receive run on shared resources.

    Some would say no, cloud is supposed to be clustered vs Shared hosting. Well, if you are running shared hosting without clustering to begin with, then it is not really professional hosting, is it?

    Unless you have customized versions of cPanel running, every provider that offers cPanel is running on a single server. cPanel does not support full system clustering as of today. Any provider whether cloud or shared, if the control panel is cPanel, you are essentially on a single server, period. They might have multiple servers but your account will always remain on one server.

    Now then you would ask what is cloud then? Well, just because you are on a single server does not mean there is no backend redundancy built in. That's the idea of cloud compared to physical machines is that whatever setup you have, there is different levels of redundancy built in so that even if something fails you either have a fail-over system ready or you can recover quickly from your earlier snapshots/backups.

    If I may elaborate on our own setup a bit. We are completely built on top of AWS, so technically even if we did nothing additional, by definition the service is already "cloud". However, unlike a regular setup, what is different is that components are separated as much as possible. So, there is load balancers before the main server, the DB is separate from the web server, the HDD is obviously outside the main server hardware etc. So, as you can see, at this time we can claim to be cloud hosting although your account might be running on a single server(thanks to cPanel's arrogance of not building clustering even though it's 2017) because almost every component of the server is independent of each other and even if something fails, there is always redundancy that can quickly step in to save the day.

    So again, there is really no difference in the type of service you get, they are still the same cPanel hosting accounts with the same type of disk & bandwidth / cpu & memory limitations. What is different is the underlying setup. Although shared hosters are also supposed to have clustering and multiple levels of redundancy built in, unfortunately most of them are setup on a single server with disk, DB, DNS, routing everything running out of a single box.
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