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WordPress management question-default plugins with new install

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    WordPress management question-default plugins with new install

    Got a WordPress management question (assuming there are WordPress experts here in this group): I know it's a good idea to delete the default themes and unused themes once you've chosen to use one, and it's a good idea to remove unused plugins (the Godaddy attack of 2009 or 2010 was an exploit from unused plugins)

    All wp installs come with Hello Dolly and Jetpack

    is there any reason to keep either of those?

    What function does Hello Dolly contribute to a small business website?

    If we use some other plugin for social sharing and we use the Yoast SEO plugin (I prefer it to AllInOne SEO) what functions does the Jetpack offer that Yoast's SEO doesn't do better?

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    I know its too late for OP to find out answers on his question, but for new readers I will write my opinion.

    Hello dolly is first plugin that I remove form WordPress.
    And jetpack can stay there is some good features but if you don't need that remove it.

    Features like auto post / share with social sites, Statistic etc.

    But there is maybe better plugins then jetpack. But for one plugin who have all in one its pretty decent.

    What function does Hello Dolly contribute to a small business website?
    I don't see any contribution to anyone but that is my opinion for business definitely there is no contribution at all.

    Yoast and AIO SEO is only for seo purpose, and jetpack here some jetpack features

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    You should always remove any unused themes and plugins from your Wordpress instalation for many reasons but security is one of the main ones.

    The Hello Dolly plugin is basically worthless for most users. Jetpack is one that most people keep and use at least some of it's features. There are a lot of good features that it has.

    One thing that you won't want to use in the Jetpack plugin is the stats module as that one can really use up resources and slow down your site. I was having my sites load slowly and after check and reading about it I found that this is common for this particular module. It's better to use something else for your stats needs.
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    Seems a lot of old posts are coming back to life

    I agree removing the Hello Dolly plugin, and most default themes. It's actually a good idea to keep one, which in this case is the TwentySeventeen theme, so that if you do buy a theme and something goes wrong...you can always bounce back to default theme for troubleshooting.

    Another thing that is always overlooked...deleting the default post. It's easy to Google "Hello World".

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